Joe Java Stout

Joe Java-Stout: Craft Beer Blogger

Brand Identity, Merch, Book


Joe Java-stout is a blogger who focuses on the topic of craft beer and the connections that beer makes between people. Joe tells stories of his favorite beers, places, and events in a local radius so that others can follow his stories and experience the wonders of beer. Go read Joe's Blog




For this logo I wanted to create something as personal as Joe, so I decided to hand-letter his name, as if he had done it himself. I also created an illustration that captures a moment in every tap room that Joe longs for and enjoys, the cheers. Together these elements convey a personal uniqueness that Joe needs to accomplish since he medium is blogging. The color choices are based off of Joe's favorite brews and help to give a worn and established look to the logo, as Joe is experienced in his craft.

Joe Java-Stout Merchandise


2018 AIGA Show Bronze Medal Winner

This book I created for Joe is a collection of his blogs in a print format. In creating a physical copy of his journey, Joe is able to spread his stories to the taprooms in which they take place.

Joes Java Stout Book
Joe Java Stout Book
Joe Java-Stout Book
Joe Java-Stout book Detail
Joe Java-Stout book Detail


The poster below was created for Joe’s book campaign. The poster was a slip cover for his book as well as documentation of his travels and blogs contained within the book.

Joe Java-Stout Poster

Event Graphics

A variety of event graphics were created for Joe to use wile at his book signings.

Joe Sign
Joe Banner


A short video was created for Joe to use on his social media to promote his book tour.