Joe Java-Stout : Storyteller

Joe Java-stout is a blogger who focuses on the topic of craft beer and the connections that beer makes between people. Joe tells stories of his favorite beers, places, and events in a local radius so that others can follow his stories and experience the wonders of beer.
For this logo I wanted to create something as personal as Joe, so I decided to hand-letter his name, as if he had done it himself. I also created an illustration that captures a moment in every tap room that Joe longs for and enjoys, the cheers. Together these elements convey a personal uniqueness that Joe needs to accomplish since he medium is blogging. The color choices are based off of Joe's favorite brews and help to give a worn and established look to the logo, as Joe is experienced in his craft.

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Compass Brand

Compass Brand: The Weekend Brand is an apparel company that focuses on having fun in everything you do and living life to the fullest. They offer head-wear as well as shirts and other clothing options.
For this company, I created a logo that captures both the fun and serious side of the brand through the typefaces. The fun typeface displayed the name and allows the brand to be exciting and outgoing, while the serious typeface communicates that they are serious about their business and are delivering the highest quality in their product. 
Besides the logo, I also designed the first two product lines that the company released, which included hats and T-shirts. On the hats, I was able to custom every stitch, so everything was design with the brand in mind. I also photographed the product as well as people in it for a social media campaign and their website. 

Compass Brand Logo-07.png
Erin Business Card-06.png
Erin Card.jpg

Erin Wiebe: Copy and Content Writer

For this client, I created a logo that would not only reflect her personality and professionalism, but also connect to a wide range of clients. The logotype I created is custom and mimics her signature, but it is modernized through the use of a monoline. The type is expressive and personable, yet professional and refined. The type and color palette allows Erin to connect with large-scale corporations as well as small businesses and individuals.

Loocyd Music

Loocyd Music is an artist who creates a variety of genres of music. He specializes in genres that take a darker approach to melodies and harmonies, which makes his music unique in many ways. 
For his logo, I wanted to create something that reflected the darker, more psychedelic undertones of the music that he creates. In order to do this, I hand illustrated the type, and then created a way for a mark to be pulled from the name’s logo. This mark is an abstracted face, whose mouth furthers the idea of music through the lines representing the movement of an EQ bar and sound waves. 

Loocyd Logo-01.jpg
CD Artwork Mockup.png
Red Brick Run-08.png

The Red Brick Run

This is a logo created for a local run that takes place over a historical red brick road. The run benefits an organization called Teammates which focuses on mentorship, which is why the adult and child were used for the logo. The type is a hint to the historical nature of the location of the race, and the layout also hints at the fact that the race is held in the state of Nebraska.

Prathan Building Service

Prathan Building Service is a business that focuses on construction in both residential and commercial settings. In order to represent both situations, marks were integrated with the logotype and locked into the finished logo. The two typefaces demonstrate the company’s business as well as the professionalism and cleanliness they uphold.

Prathan Services Logo-01.jpg